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  • How often should you use an oxy fuel cutting table?

    In this case, they may only use the oxy-fuel torch once in a while, but when they need it, they have it. For other customers, like a steel service center, they may have a huge CNC cutting table with 6-12 oxy-fuel torches.

  • CNC Oxy-Fuel Cutter, CNC Oxy-Fuel Machines, Oxy-Fuel Tables

    The Hornet XD CNC oxy-fuel cutter combines strength and superior motion control to create a high performance plasma and/or oxy-fuel table. HORNET HDX The ultra-fast Hornet HDX CNC oxy-fuel cutter sets the standard for acceleration, accuracy, and productivity in its class.

  • Which is the best gas for CNC cutting?

    Natural gas and propane are by far the two most popular choices due to availability and cost. Other gases like oxy-acetylene or methyl-acetylene, are more expensive, and less often used, mainly for specific applications like welding. HOW IMPORTANT IS AN EXPERIENCED OPERATOR FOR OXY-FUEL CUTTING ON A CNC TABLE?

  • Oxy Fuel CNC Cutting Machine - AJAN CNC

    Ajan Oxy-fuel cutting system with its CNC control unit provides an efficient cutting up to 200 mm thickness of mild steel. An optional manual bevel cutting adapter is availabvle.. • Multi head oxy fuel cutting possibility. • Automatic torch height control. • Automatic oxy fuel ignition. • Automatic or manual CNC gas control ( console )

  • Oxy/Fuel Cutting Tables | Products | Fab-Cut Systems Inc.

    Oxy/Fuel Option. Fab-Cut® is pleased to offer the options of oxy/fuel cutting on our CNC plasma cutting tables. We use the Esab machine cutting torch and the Victor Edge regulators as our choice of equipment. If you select this option and we manufacture your water table, we will supply you with a 5″ deep water table instead of our standard 3 ...

  • Can a CNC oxy fuel cutter be used for plasma cutting?

    Each of the machines can be configured for plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting or both. The Hornet SS CNC oxy-fuel cutter is designed for customers who require a unitized industrial quality plasma table with no more than one plasma torch and one oxy-fuel torch.

  • CNC Oxy-Fuel Cutting Tables | AKS Cutting Systems

    May 03, 2021 · An oxy-fuel CNC cutting table still requires a good technician or table operator to identify when consumable sets need to be changed. Like plasma cutting, where an operator can see that large fluctuations are occurring with the voltage, which is indicative of problems with the consumable set, this type of occurrences also exists with oxy-fuel ...

  • CNC Plasma/Oxy Fuel Table Operator - Work Global Canada

    Essential Duties & Responsibilities: Cuts metal objects with Plasma Arc-Cutting & Oxy-Fuel equipment to dimensions, contour, or bevel specified by blueprints, work order, or layout within an CNC OS. Maintaining Steel Inventory. Loading and unloading material from table with overhead crane. Organize material and sustain a clean working environment.

  • How big is a CNC oxy fuel table?

    Our CNC oxy-fuel machines are designed for cutting mild steel plates up to 3” thick, stainless steel up to 4” thick as well as aluminum up to 3” thick. Each of the machines can be configured for plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting or both.

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    Any plans to do any routing with the table? Thanks. 12-05-2012, 06:50 AM #6. ... By helocat in forum General CNC Plasma / Oxy Fuel Cutting Machines Replies: 8

  • Water Tables for CNC Plasma Cutting + Metal Fabrication ...

    Value-Priced. Park Industries® water cutting tables are designed for heavy-duty production cutting with high definition plasma to 2” thick and oxy-fuel cutting to 4”. Our water tables feature the ability to adjust water level with pneumatic valves that either add or remove air inside a sealed lower steel chamber called a “bladder”.


    Downdraft tables provide the best option for high-quality cutting with high-density plasma systems. TABLE OPTIONS Koike Water Cutting Table The Koike water cutting table is an economic solution to reducing smoke, sparks and dust into the environment. It can be used for both oxy-fuel and plasma cutting.

  • Free Plasma Table Plans - Machines, CadCam ...

    The plans are zipped dfx. If you don't have cad go to and download their A9cad program. It is freeware and it opens all of acad 2d files. Hope it is ok to put this file here. Mike Laws Similar Threads: Plasma Table Build Log Including Free Plans Link, & Pictures by Weldtutor; Need Help!-Plasma table plans... cnc plasma table plans

  • Oxy Fuel Accessory | MaverickCNC Plasma Cutting Tables

    Oxy-Fuel — a combination of oxygen and gas fuels — surpasses plasma when it comes to cutting thicker layers of mild steel. Due to its oxygen beam, Oxy-Fuel frees you up for a steeper angle of cut — 70º as compared to plasma’s 45º. Another benefit is it’s economical. It’s the most cost-efficient process for cutting carbon steel ...