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  • Full text of "Deutsches Buhnen-Jahrbuch"

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  • EN 21 3-in-1 Gas Self Propelled Lawn Mower

    5. Do not store the machine o r fuel container, or refuel, where there is an open flame, spark, or pilot light such as on a water heater or other appliance. 6. If fuel is spilled, do not attempt to start the engine and avoid creating any source of ignition until fuel vapors have dissipated. 7.

  • Goodman, R. E. - Introduction To Rock Mechanics, 2nd Edition ...

    26.5 2.7 Nepheline syenite 25.5 2.6 Syenite 26.0 2.65 Granite 27.9 2.85 Diorite 29.4 3.0 Gabbro 22.5 2.3 Gypsum 20.6 2.1 Rock salt 0.7-2.0 Coai (density varies with the ash content) Oil shale 1.6-2.7 (density varies with the kerogen content, and therefore with the oil yield in gallons per ton) 30 gal/ton rock 2.13 21.0 Dense limestone 2.7 20.9 ...