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  • Rubber and Tire Cutting Knives and Blades, Manufacturer of ...

    Our rubber and tire cutting knives and blades are manufactured in various shapes such as circular, straight, curved, convex, toothed, scalloped and for different cut processes such as slitting, rewinding, sheeting, perforating, guillotine cutting and trimming.

  • What to do with old tires? There are more options than you ...

    May 11, 2007 · Tires also can catch fire and produce toxic fumes. The Legislature in 2005 reauthorized a $1 fee per sold tire to generate money to clean up discarded tires. About $9 million has been generated ...

  • Rubber Tire Mulch - Hazard or Harmless?

    Mar 06, 2018 · From potential cuts to small children eating it, any steel tire wire on the playground is too much steel tire wire on the playground. Cost of Rubber Mulch. Rubber tire mulch has two costs, the initial cost, and the long-term liability cost. Initial cost for rubber tire mulch is between $5 and $7 per cubic foot.

  • Can tires be cut in half? | Homesteading Forum

    If you don't mind the burnt ruber a skill saw with a diamond blade is the way to cut them in any form. Use any skill saw and a diamond bit picked up form any hardware store. The diamond blade is about $15 and the cheep skil saw is about $40. Then when you are through with the tires you can change the blade and use it for lumber.

  • Homemade Tire Cutter | eHow

    You can cut tires using a sharp blade, such as a utility knife or box cutter. While this method is the cheapest, it also involves the most labor; manually cutting through tires requires patience, carefulness, stamina and strength.

  • Cutting Tires In Two - YouTube

    How do you give the ol' Firestone doughnut the Scandinavian slasheroo? In this video I set out to cut a tire in two and show you how it is done!

  • Cutting Tires | ThriftyFun

    Sep 24, 2013 · I was able to successfully cut through some old tires using a 7.25 inch circular saw, albeit one fitted with a relatively high-end blade (a 40-tooth 'Diablo' woodworking blade). There are blades designed specifically for cutting through metal, as well, but they're even more costly than the Diablo.

  • Tire Cutter | Rubber Cutting Blades | Blog

    Dec 14, 2018 · Rotary shear slitting is the tire and rubber industry equivalent to the cutting process used by a pair of scissors. In rotary shear slitting there are two cutting surfaces, the top and bottom blades. These rotary slitter knives spin in opposite directions allowing the tough rubber material to pass smoothly through the blades.

  • Are there any rubber and tire cutting knives?

    All of rubber and tire cutting knives and blades are manufactured to exceed our customers’ requirements and exceptionally meet all OEM specifications.

  • How to make your own homemade tire cutter?

    Homemade Tire Cutter 1 Sharp Blade. You can cut tires using a sharp blade, such as a utility knife or box cutter. ... 2 Wood Chisel. A wood chisel may make the job easier than a blade. ... 3 Power Saws. The easiest method is to use a band saw. These saws easily cut through the tire and allow for angled cuts.

  • What kind of blade do you need to cut tires?

    I have found using a jigsaw with a blade for rubber works quite well for cutting most tires. If you plan to cut into the tread then you need a modified metal blade. As for turning the tire inside out then that too is very easy. But I cannot tell you in a few short words how to do it. Just believe me if I can do it so can you.

  • Washington: Best Rubber Mulch

    We offer residents of Washington environmentally friendly rubber mulch, made from 100% recycled tires which are 99.9% wire free. We offer our rubber mulch in a wide variety of colors, including natural shades like brown and redwood, or bright and vibrant blue and green.

  • How to Recycle Rubber (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    May 18, 2021 · Alternatively, contact a business that produces rubber mulch, like the kind used in children’s playgrounds. You can also donate old rubber bands to local schools, or post offices for holding mail or newspapers together. To learn more, including how to reuse old tires and rubber bands, scroll down.

  • Industrial Tire Manufacturers | Specialty Tires | GRI Tires

    AGRICULTURE TIRES. GRI Agriculture tires are designed and developed utilizing cutting-edge technology. Our high-flex tires have an exceptional range of tread patterns, featuring high load carrying capacity at low inflation pressure, reduced soil compaction, exceptional traction, superior self-cleaning properties and optimum farm productivity.

  • Cutting Knife | Cutting Knives | Hyde IBS

    Circular knives and blades are critical components to the successful processing of industrial leather and rubber products. Whether you are cutting slabs to be molded into tires or slicing wide conveyor stock into multiple widths or converting heavy stock into pulley driving belts, you can count on Hyde blades to do the job right.

  • Scrap Tire News: Tire and Rubber Recycling News and Information

    Scrap Tire News has provided tire recycling professionals with the latest tire and rubber recycling news and information since 1986. Published monthly, the newsletter features product and equipment developments, legislative news and cutting-edge research and innovations.

  • CTL Rubber Tracks | Bridgestone, Camso, MWE | Tracks and Tires

    Tracks and Tires offers Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality Rubber Compact Track Loader Tracks available from Bridgetsone, Camso (formerly Camoplast Solideal), and MWE. Built with continuous steel cords and non-recycled rubber, these tracks are specifically designed to handle any application thrown your way.

  • Tire Supplies - Grinding Disc - m. e. MILLER tire

    3" Parkes Tire Grinding Cup Fine MCM 70 3" Grinding Cup, 5/8" Arbor Hole, Fine MCM 70. Use for cutting and sharpening truck & tractor pulling tires. Parkes Grinding Discs are the premier tool to use for removing rubber and finishing your tires...

  • Band Saw Tires, Rubber and Urethane

    A rubber band saw tire requires glue to keep it in place. The tire you purchase needs to be as close as possible to the size of the band wheel that you are covering. Do not buy a tire that is larger than your band wheel; a bit smaller is better.

  • Equipment — SETCO SOLID TIRE

    On larger solid crane tires, tire life has historically been 10,000 hours of service with SETCO solid rubber tires, with up to 20,000 hours depending on the operation. Due to the abusive environment that solid tires are exposed to in scrap yards, operators have found that SETCO Solid Tires are really the only option.

  • tire groover tool

    DYRABREST Electric Tire Grooving Tool AC 110V 350W Rubber Tire Regroover Cutter with 20pcs U-Type V-Type Blades for Truck Car Off-Road Tyres 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 $199.00 $ 199 . 00

  • Tire and Rubber - the Hyde Tools Store

    Whether you’re cutting tires, hoses, belts, mats or any type of rubber parts, Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions has you covered. Machine Blades for Tire and Rubber Operations Hyde circular, straight and custom machine blades make short work of slitting and cutting rubber.

  • Tire Cutting Blades | Baucor - Manufacturer of Industrial ...

    Whether you need a hot or cold tire cutting knife and blade, Baucor manufacturers and supplies custom and standard size precision blades for tire conversion and recycling applications. If you are a tire manufacturer or a recycling company looking for a reliable well-known knife blade supplier, then Baucor is the right partner for you.

  • What's the best way to cut a rubber tire?

    It contains heavy wire and can wreck your saw blades. Choose a blade for your reciprocating saw, table saw or band saw that cuts smoothly through the heavy rubber tire. Smaller tooth sizes usually work better. Be sure the tire is cloth of fiberglass reinforced as steel reinforced tires can jam and wreck saw blades.

  • Giant Rubber Tire Water Tanks - Eden Shale Farm

    Oct 27, 2014 · I have been cutting these tires for water tanks for years. I did not read all the posts but one crucial technique that makes cutting much easier is using a water hose and applying water on the blade during cutting. This keeps the blade cool and the rubber cool as well. Cool rubber cuts like butter.

  • Tire Recycling Equipment Manufacturer | Engineering ...

    Tire Recycling Machines EECO’s state-of-the-art tire cutting machines work in three stages to break down tires into their usable parts, maximizing value and minimizing investment. Each of EECO's used tire recycling machines is designed to perform a role in deconstructing a specific part of a type or range of tires.

  • Cutting Edges — SETCO SOLID TIRE

    SETCO’s rubber cutting edges clean the floor more effectively, which keeps the floor drier. SETCO’s rubber cutting edge actually increases the floor life while effectively decreasing tire spinning. Rubber cutting edges are available for small and skid steer loaders, backhoes, and all makes and models of front end loaders.

  • Midwest Tire

    Cutting your own tanks or scrapers can be time consuming, labor intensive and won't guarantee a uniform round hole for a tank or a precise form for a scraper blade every time. When cutting your own tanks there is a risk of cutting the tire incorrectly making it leak and unusable.

  • How to Cut Rubber Tires | eHow

    Sharpen your chisel and use a mini-sledge hammer to pound with. Place the block under the tire, place the chisel along the cutting line and give it a good whack. Step 4 Work you way along the cut line with the chisel and hammer till you cut the piece free from the tire.