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  • Sensor THC, Torch Height Control - Hornet Cutting Systems

    The machine operator selects material type, Process current, plasma/shield and material thickness in the CNC control cut chart screen. The Phoenix CNC software retrieves cutting parameters from look-up tables stored within the CNC control. Cutting speed and THC parameters are set and automatically maintained during the cutting cycle.

  • Plasma CNC and THC (torch height control) with PlanetCNC ...

    Aug 27, 2020 · Plasma CNC cutting machine is one of the most commonly used types of CNC machine. It’s used mostly for cutting Steel, aluminium and other conductive materials. Like any other type of CNC machine, plasma machine has it own specifics. Machine should be properly designed for such type of machining, considering slag, steel dust, high temperatures, […]

  • Sensor THC Ohmic Contact Enable Circuit -

    2. The ohmic contact enable circuit located on the Voltage Divider PCB is enabled from the CNC 3. Torch touches the plate a. Ohmic contact sense is received on the voltage divider PCB b. Voltage divider PCB emits the ohmic contact sense to the CNC c. Torch retracts to programed pierce height 4. Torch fires