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  • 918 Roll Groover | RIDGID Tools

    The RIDGID® Model 918 Hydraulic Roll Groover features a powerful 15-ton hydraulic ram in a compact, easy to transport unit. With one man set-up and operation, the 918 is the ideal groover for job site requirements. The 918 mounts quickly to RIDGID 300 power drive, 535, 1822, or 1224 Threading Machines. Designed to provide maximum efficiency ...

  • Pipe Benders & Hole Cutters | RIDGID Tools

    Manual and electro-hydraulic benders for precision cold bending of standard gas pipes up to 4". Versatile, portable benders, ideal for on-site bending as well as machine construction, boiler making and industrial applications in general.

  • How big is a Victaulic roll Groover pipe threader?


  • Parts | Model 535A Automatic Threading Machine | RIDGID Store

    535A Automatic Threading Machine Manual (2.46 ) Parts List. 535A Automatic Threading Machine Parts List (501.96 KB) Instruction Sheet. Installation Instructions for 535 Automatic Reversing Valve Kit (466.29 KB) Safety Notice. Threading Machine Foot Switch Retrofit Policy (33.47 KB) View tool details on

  • Grooved Pipe Joining Technology – Grooved Couplings | Victaulic

    the grooved pipe. the gasket. the housings. the nuts and bolts. These 3 components. make up a grooved. coupling. The pipe groove is made by forming or machining an actual groove into the ends of two pipes. A gasket wraps around and on top of the pipe ends, the housings wrap around the gasket and sit in the pipe grooves, and the bolts and nuts ...

  • What kind of roll Groover should I use?

    Hydraulic Roll Groovers are ideal for fitting larger pipes in cases where threading may not be an option. They create a consistent groove around various types of pipes to help install fittings. Models are available for steel, stainless steel, PVC, and copper. Use with power drive units, available separately.

  • Associated Builders and Contractors - National Office > ABC

    Cast-In Concrete Anchors 03 15 19 Post-Installed Concrete Anchors 05 05 19 Exterior Artificial Plants 32 93 93 Water Utility Storage Tank Rehabilitation 33 01 10.71 Video Piping Inspections 22 01 10.16 Plumbing Piping Cleaning 22 01 10.51 Plumbing Piping Repairs 22 01 10.61 Plumbing Piping Relining 22 01 10.62 Dispute Resolution 00 73 83 48 15 ...

  • Roll Groove Tools for Pipe Systems & Fire Protection | Victaulic

    Browse Victaulic roll groove tools product listings for piping systems & fire protection. Find roll grooving tools that can be used on a variety of pipe materials & size ranges.

  • 工業英語 | Manualzz

    接鋼管製造機; 大径鋼管製造機 steel pipe/ tube; seamless (steel) pipe/tube; seamless drawn tube; seamless gas pipe: electric-resistancewelded pipe/ (steel) tube > ERW pipe; automatic arc-welded steel tube: buttwelded steel tubes; butt-welding pipe mill ; large-size steel pipe mill. 高強度; 引張強度が大きい; 高温強度が高

  • Roll Grooving | RIDGID Tools

    The most efficient way to groove many pipe materials, including steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, PVC and copper nickel. HOW WE USE COOKIES: We use cookies and similar technologies to improve our website, to personalize website content to you, and to deliver advertising messages and offers on content that are relevant to you.

  • Mechanical Pipe Joining & Fire Protection Solutions | Victaulic

    Victaulic, the leading producer of mechanical pipe joining solutions. Victaulic is a global manufacturer of mechanical pipe joining methods ( fittings & couplings ), flow control and fire protection systems and is the inventor of the grooved pipe coupling. We build innovative technologies and provide engineering services that address complex ...

  • Plumbing Tools Roll Grooving -

    RIDGID 48297 918-1 Roll Groover w/ Mounting Kit for 300 Machine. Add to Cart to See Price. ... Ridgid 45007 916 Portable Power-Driven Roll Pipe Groover. $1,075.14 .

  • Pipe Threaders & Dies - Victaulic Groover

    Safety Foot Switch, Hydraulic Hand Pump, Pipe Stabilizer Assembly. 1- VAPS224 Victaulic Adjustable Pipe Stand. 1- 4" 6"114.3- 168.3-mm Original-Type Upper and Lower Roll Die Set for Carbon Steel Pipe. 1- 8" 12"219.1- 323.9-mm Original-Type Upper and Lower Roll Die Set for Carbon Steel Pipe(Mounted on the Tool) 1- 14" 24"355.6- 610.0-mm AGS RW ...

  • How big does a field roll grooving tool need to be?

    Portable light-weight field roll grooving tool. Supplied with StrengThin™ 100 roll sets Drive Speed: 38 rpm max. Support bases are required to groove pipe sizes 26"| DN650 and larger. Each support base is 12"| 305 mm in height and corresponds with a range of allowable pipe sizes it can groove

  • RIDGID 915 Roll Groover w/ 2"-6" 10 (2" - 3 1/2" Sch. 40)...

    915 Roll Groover w/ 2"-6" 10 (2" - 3 1/2" Sch. 40) Roll Set 88232. FEATURES: Lightweight design only 23 pounds. Available customized tool box holds 915 groover and all available roll sets. Easy to use depth setting gauge helps make accurate grooves. Easy roll set change out up to 12" pipe capacity in one unit for service versatility.

  • Pipe End Preparation Tools - Pipe Prep Machines | Victaulic

    Mobile light-duty roll grooving tool with an integral motor/drive unit mounted to portable hand truck; Reduces pipe handling by allowing the tool to be wheeled directly to the pipe preparation site; 3/8"| 9.5 mm square ratchet drive for operation (standard) Enhanced tracking rolls help to keep the pipe on the tool during the roll grooving process

  • Pace Supply | Pipe Cutting/Threading/Grooving Power Tools

    Roll Groover, Combo Machine, 1-1/4 to 6 in Pipe, Aluminum/Steel/Stainless Steel Pipe, Manual Power REE09200 MFG #: 09200 Brand: Reed

  • How big is a 915 roll Groover pipe?

    With the appropriate roll sets, the 915 can groove from 1 1/4" to 12" pipe, the widest range in its class! The 915’s cast-in handle allows for easy transport or chaining the groover down to prevent theft. The 915 is a must for service work crews. Lightweight Design - Only 23 pounds.

  • Pipe Threaders - Victaulic Pipe

    Concrete Stamps, Forms & Mats ... Set 12R Ridgid 141 Geared Victaulic Roll Groover Ridgid 700 Set 700 Power Pony Ridgid 700 Power Pony 12R Die Set 1 2 161 Pipe ...

  • Roll grooving - Plumbing Tools

    RIDGID 88232 Roll Groover with 2" - 6" Sch. 10 (2" - 31 ⁄2" Sch. 40) Roll Set Model 915. $1,012.26. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. RIDGID 25638 975 Combo Roll Groover, Grooving Machine Mounts to RIDGID 300 Power Drive for Schedules 10, 40, and 80 Pipe. $917.92. Add to Cart.

  • Pipe Grooving Machine | ETNA

    Safety & Security ... Pipe Grooving Machine Pipe Grooving Machine (9) ... Model 915 Roll Groover Drive Roll Compare. RIDGID® 93767 Pivot Nut Pin, ...

  • Pipe End Preparation - SHURJOINT-Home

    Roll grooves are generally applicable to 0.375"/ 9.5 mm thick or thinner wall carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper tube and aluminum pipe depending on the type of roll-grooving machine and roll set being used. Different wall thicknesses and sizes require the use of different roll sets as with Sch. 10 and Sch. 40 pipe as shown.

  • Roll Groovers - Grainger Industrial Supply

    Combination Roll Groovers allow you to roll-groove pipe on power drive machines (available separately), or on applications where pipe is already in place. They are capable of creating consistent, even grooves on pipes, and are ideal for installing pipe and fittings in various applications.

  • Pipe Threaders - Ridgid Groover - 2

    Ratchet Pipe Threader Head Pipe Support Ridgid 11-R Bench Yoke Pipe Vise Die Sizes 1 Manual Ratchet Bolt Dies Manual Receding Pipe Threader Ridgid 500B Tristand Chain Ratchet Head Handle Rigid 12R Pipe Thread Ratchet Triad Nye Ridgid Model 700 Receding Geared 450 Tristand Ridgid 65 Portable Pipe Roll Groover Threading Machine 1 Ridgid 200 Rigid 300 Receding Geared Threader

  • Roll Grooving Machines - Ohio Power Tool

    Ohio Power Tool has a huge selection of tools for threading, cutting reaming, and roll grooving. Check out our selection online or give us a call at 800-242-4424.


    This website is dedicated to our pipe roll grooving machines for sprinkler and irrigation piping purposes. The machine grooves the metal pipe by pressing a wheel from the outside to inside. we have two different pipe groovers the GM1 (up to 12") and the GM2 (up to 24") All our machines are manufactured in our own factory in Holland.


    Get double duty from the Rigid 300 Pipe Threader by converting it to a pipe groover with the Model 1022 Pipe Groover. Designed for quick, easy mounting on standard Model 300, the 1022 Pipe Groover can roll grooves in pipe from 11/ 4" - 16" diameter. The hand hydraulic pump will deliver up to 16,000 psi pressure at the point of roll grooving. Pipe

  • RRO 1990, Reg 854 | Mines and Mining Plants | CanLII

    Dec 08, 2019 · (c) the hazard caused by the surface mine or opening is greater than the hazard caused by the natural topographical features of the area. R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 854, s. 18 (1). (2) Prior to operations at a mine being terminated, a shaft or raise opening shall be, (a) capped with a stopping of reinforced concrete; or

  • Pipe Threaders - Victaulic Roll Groover - Trout Underground

    Hollywood FL. 33314. 954-745-8008. Victaulic VE-226 Roll Groover 2" - 6" Copper for Ridgid 300 Pipe Threader VE226C. You are buying a used Victaulic VE226C roll groover. This unit is for use on a Ridgid 300 pipe threader and can groove 2" 6" K. L, M, DWV copper pipe.