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  • What are the benefits of a Koike cutting tip?

    Superior customer support means superior cutting tip performance. If you want your cutting manufactured to rigorous standards so that they cut accurately, safely and economically, then KOIKE is your choice. Features & Benefits §Design Each KOIKE utting tip is designed for proper gas efficiency and to provide the highest cutting accuracy. §Safety

  • KOIKE LASER Cutting Machine - YouTube

    LASER Bevel-cutting

  • CUTTINGTIPS PGA 0815 ENG - Koike

    Every cutting tip is checked for form, fit and function then fired and cycled to ensure that the preheat flame and jet oxygen are of KOIKE quality. §Lifetime Torch Warranty KOIKE 100 series torches carry a lifetime warranty against a damaging sustained flashback while using genuine KOIKE cutting tips. (IK-82 torches excluded) CUTTING TIPS

  • How did Koike come up with the divergent tip?

    As a result of this work KOIKE developed the divergent tip. The cutting outlet of this tip has a divergent shape to it. This tip is the result of extensive engineering design by the KOIKE engineering department. KOIKE uses a unique patented stainless steel lining to ensure the divergent tips durability.

  • Koike Cutting & Welding (India) Ptd. Ltd. - Manufacturer of ...

    Established in the year 1918, Koike Cutting & Welding (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a Pune(Maharashtra) based company engrossed in the manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a handsome and impeccable gamut of welding and cutting accessories which includes products like Oxy Fuel Machine, Portable Cutting Machines, Portable Welding Devices, CNC Cutting Machine and many more products.

  • Pipe Cutting - Koike

    Pipe Cutting. The Auto Picle – S is a motorized oxy-fuel pipe cutting machine with remote control and capabilities to cut up to 94 inch diameter (2400mm) pipe. *See product page for details on options. The Picle – 1 – II pipe cutter provides portable mechanized cutting of pipes up to 24 inch (600mm) in diameter with an easy to operate ...

  • Koike: Portable Cutting

    CNC Machines. PNC-12 Extreme; PNC-Pipe; Portable Cutting. IK-12 NEXT; Handy Auto Plus; IK12 Beetle; IK-93 HAWK; IK-72 T; ... KOIKE Portable Cutting. Application ...

  • Koike: Home

    Koike is a world leader in CNC Oxy-Fuel, CNC Plasma, Fiber Laser, CO2 Precision Laser, Waterjet Cutting, Welding Positioner, Portable Cutting and Welding Carriages. Koike have 100 years of experiences and have one of the brodest line within the industries that we serve.

  • Koike: Cutting Nozzles

    Cutting nozzle 102 Lug-Cut: Cutting nozzle 106 Lug-Cut: Special nozzle Data sheet>> Gas mixing cutting nozzle for IK-05 Lug-Cut Data sheet>> Gas mixing cutting nozzle for IK-05 Lug-Cut Data sheet>> Cutting nozzle 102 D5: Cutting nozzle 102 D7: Cutting nozzle 103 D7: Gas mixing machine cutting nozzle Data sheet>> Gas mixing machine cutting ...

  • What was the role of Koike machine tools?

    Since it's establishment in 1918, KOIKE has played an important role in the development of key industries, as an Acknowledged Leader in the manufacture of machine tools that use 'Gas Energy'.

  • Pug Cutting Machine - Pug Cutting Machinery Latest Price ...

    Gas Cutting Machine - Pug Cutting. Profile Gas Cutting Machine helps a Fabricator in cutting production costs and increases efficiency. It is designed for heavy duty jobs and also for precision jobs. It works on single phase supply and is operated by 1/12 H.P.

  • Koike: Portable Cutting Machines

    IK-12 Beetle: Data sheet>> Data sheet>> Data sheet>> IK-12 MAX 3: IK-12 NEXT (NEW!!) Picle-1 II: Data sheet>> Data sheet>> Data sheet>> Auto Picle-S: KHC-600D: IK-72T: Data sheet>> Data sheet>> Data sheet>> IK-70: IK-82 Series: Mini-Mantis II: Data sheet>> Data sheet>> Data sheet>> IK-54D: IK-93 HAWK: Cir-Cut II: Data sheet>> Data sheet>> Data ...

  • How does Koike's cutting tip prevent gas flashback?

    KOIKE’s solution to this is to provide the venturi effect to the cutting tip. This is done by means of the high-speed pre-heat oxygen. Fuel Gas is sucked into the tip in order to prevent the mixing gas in the torch pipe, and thus flashback during ignition is prevented.

  • Portable & Gas Apparatus Equipment - Koike

    Portable Machines. Koike's full line of portable machines is highly diverse with solutions available for a wide variety of applications across many different industries. These machines and gas apparatuses were specifically engineered to improve shop productivity. With usability at the forefront of their design, they make it possible for ...

  • KOIKE Plasma Cutting Machine - YouTube

    Plasma Bevel Cutting

  • Koike: CNC Machines

    IK12 Beetle. IK-93 HAWK. IK-72 T. Picle-1. Auto-Picle S. KHC-600D. Mini-Mantis II. Portable Welding. Wel-Handy Multi NEXT.

  • KOIKE Cutting Machine Supplier,KOIKE Cutting Machine ...

    Rotatable torch angle allows bevelling cuts on flange and web. The vertical unit can be tiled for cutting flanges in angled directions. KOIKE’s quality construction, ensuring durability and trouble-free operation, and you have an economical, efficient, compact gas cutting machine for H-beam steel.