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  • CNC Commonly Used Calculation Formula | MachineMfg

    The formula calls for ‘cut volume’, ‘# of details’, Machine run rate (3″/hr.) [with a given number of 10] & a formula for machine time (cut volume x # of details / machine run rate) Once you get the machine time you can calculate the cost by multiplying it by the amount per hour charged.

  • Pricing structure for plasma cutting -

    Pricing structure for plasma cutting. I was wondering how some of the other members price their plasma work. I have been using the following. guidelines below. $ .33 per cut inch. + $ .15 per pierce point. Factors in consumable replacement cost. + $ 1.67 per minute of cutting based on $100.00 per hour for machine. + Material cost.

  • Cutting Edge CNC Plasma Tables by Escco

    Our cutting tables are robust, versatile and suitable for use within a wide range of industries. Hardware is only good as the software that powers it, and that’s why our CNC software is recognised as the easiest to use within the marketplace. Intuitive, simplistic in use, whilst offering sophisticated functionality – it will not only ...

  • How much does laser cutting cost? | Try our free calculator ...

    Our calculator then applies that data to a cost calculation that takes into account all the costs of laser operation, including machine operators, equipment and maintenance costs, facility expenses, and more. It’s also based on historical data from our years of experience in the laser cutting industry.

  • CNC Machine Hourly Rate Calculator - CNCCookbook: Be A Better ...

    – Hourly Cost w/ Labor: This is the final number to come from the calculation. The numbers in the example were for a Haas Mini Mill that I just took the information of their web site for. You can find the Machine Hourly Rate Calculator on the Machine Profile under the Setup Basics tab. Each machine has an Hourly Rate field.

  • Cut Cost Calculation - DiVA portal

    NC-progamming etc. (h) Pel = price of electricity. (€/kWh) Elp = electric power consumption. (kW) Although information about material and material thickness also is needed, those variables are not used directly in the calculation, but are used to determine the cutting speed and the consumption of gases.

  • Cost Calculation Method - Laser engineering - Eng-Tips

    May 03, 2017 · RE: Cost Calculation Method. evans1089 (Mechanical) 9 May 17 11:15. We charge £90-100 an hour as standard. As the priority of our machine is cutting jobs for ourselves. The actual use of gas and eletricity is maybe £10-15 an hour. We use an Amada FOM-4222NT. I set up a simple excel spreadsheet.


    Before you can charge for something you need to know how much it costs. Open an excel spreadsheet or just make a simple table like the one below. With the table below I can quickly determine my cost on a full sheet and break it down to a price per square inch. It has the added benefit of telling me weight.

  • Cut charts - Plasma Automation

    2 Plasma / Air Shield 130 A Cutting 220173 220183 220176 220179220182 220181 Metric English Select Gases Set Preflow Set Cutflow Material Thickness Arc Voltage Torch-to-Work Distance Cutting Speed Initial Pierce Height Pierce Delay Time Plasma Shield Plasma Shield Plasma Shield mm Volts mm mm/m mm factor % seconds O 2 Air 32 32 84 28 3 124 2.5 ...

  • Plasma Cutting Services, Plasma Metal Cutting Service in India

    Plasma Cutting Services, Plasma Metal Cutting Service Providers in India. Get contact details and address of Plasma Cutting Services, Plasma Metal Cutting Service, Plasma Cutting Job Work firms and companies

  • Cost of production with the example of calculation in Excel

    Cost of production with the example of calculation in Excel. The cost – it is a monetary reflection expenses current on production and implementation of goods. For the manufacturing sector this indication - is the basis for the formation of price. The calculation base – it`s the calculation of distribution costs.

  • Cost Calculation - Plasma Cutting | Power Supply | Gases

    How to calculate cost of operation and benchmark for improvement. In typical mechanized plasma cutting operations there are four major costs beyond the initial capital investment: power, gas, consumables, and labor. Power Costs In typical plasma cutting operations there are four major costs: power, gas, consumables, and labor.

  • How to calculate the cost of a plasma disk?

    Or you can do the math and figure per hole, and the outside cut of the disk is 11 x 3.14 = 34.54 linear inches. linear inches. Now multiply the linear inches cut x the cut cost per inch listed above 40.82 x .0528 = $2.16 cutting cost. 5. Add your selling price per part from 3 above to your cutting cost per part from

  • TruTops Calculate | TRUMPF

    TruTops Calculate works out the processing times and costs that are to be expected for parts or entire assemblies. It uses the technology data of your TRUMPF punching, punch laser, laser, or tube cutting machine in order to make the process of cost analysis and tender preparation easier for you.

  • Sheet Metal Cutting - Manufacturing Cost Estimation

    Plasma cutting uses a focused stream of ionized gas, or plasma, to cut through sheet metal. The plasma flows at extremely high temperatures and high velocity and is directed toward the cutting location by a nozzle. When the plasma contacts the surface below, the metal melts into a molten state.

  • What is the best value – plasma, laser, or waterjet?

    Regarding initial investment cost to purchase a machine, the lowest cost would be a plasma cutter. Depending on type, size, and features, a CNC plasma cutting machine could range anywhere from $15,000 to $300,000. That’s a big range, but the vast majority of CNC plasma machines sold today are well below the $100,000 mark.

  • What to charge for CNC Plasma cutting?

    Aug 12, 2006 · point per bidding. Most shops will charge per. machine 2-3 times labor rate for the machine. operated, so if the typical plasma set-up\operator makes $20 an hour in your parts. the rate charged out will be $40-$60 an hour, items with expensive machinery involved will. be more toward the 3x side. Also you have to.

  • How to price your CNC Plasma Cutting work (tips & tricks ...

    Cost 4×8: Cost SQIN: Cost x3: Cost x4: Cost x5: Cost x6: 20g Cold Roll: 48: 0.0104: $35.00: $0.008: $0.024: $0.032: $0.040: $0.048: 18g Cold Roll: 64: 0.0139: $45.00: $0.010: $0.030: $0.040: $0.050: $0.060: 16g Cold Roll: 80: 0.0174: $55.00: $0.012: $0.036: $0.048: $0.060: $0.072: 14g Cold Roll: 100: 0.0217: $65.00: $0.014: $0.042: $0.056: $0.070: $0.084: 10g Cold Roll: 180: 0.0391: $115.00: $0.025: $0.075: $0.100: $0.125: $0.150

  • How to calculate plasma cutting cost per inch?

    Now multiply the linear inches cut x the cut cost per inch listed above 40.82 x .0528 = $2.16 cutting cost. 5. Add your selling price per part from 3 above to your cutting cost per part from

  • CAD/CAM nesting software for cutting machines - Lantek Expert Cut

    Lantek Expert Cut. Lantek Expert Cut is a CAD/CAM nesting software specially designed to automate the CNC programming of sheet metal cutting machines ( oxy-cut, plasma, laser, water jet ). It is the result of more than 30 years experience in close collaboration with both manufacturers and users of these types of machines.

  • Calculate Plasma Cost - LinuxCNC

    per hole, and the outside cut of the disk is 11 x 3.14 = 34.54 linear inches. 1.57 x 4 = 6.28 (total for 4 holes) + 34.54 (inches cut for outside of disk) = 40.82. linear inches. Now multiply the linear inches cut x the cut cost per inch listed. above 40.82 x .0528 = $2.16 cutting cost.

  • Medical Lab Results Spreadsheet Spreadsheets provided us the ...

    Apr 30, 2020 - Spreadsheets provided us the potential to input, transform, and compute anything we required and store it digitally for again. You could construct any...

  • How to calculate the cost of a cut?

    8.1 Cost calculation 37 8.2 Recommended cutting speeds 38 8.3 Cutting methods 38 8.4 Troubleshooting 38 8.5 Configuration 39 9 Conclusions and recommendations 41 10 References 42 10.1 Books and reports 42 10.2 Personal contacts and interviews 43 4 1 Introduction 1.1 Background and aim

  • Calculation of production costs in Excel

    For the calculation we use the formula: the purchase price + transport costs in monetary terms + duty in monetary terms. The formula for calculating the planned ratio is the production cost price in monetary terms / purchase price. The level of costs for the delivery of goods 1 and 4 will be 10%, 2 and 3 - 15%.

  • How to find the cutting cost per mtr length of steel (1mm ...

    First, ask the manufacturer of the cutting machine how they claim its cost should be estimated. You may or may not get a good answer to this but try anyway. Then consider this: You are much better off getting some quotes rather than trying to dev...

  • How are the costs of laser cutting calculated?

    How Costs are Calculated. Laser cutting costs are calculated by the time a job takes on the laser. The time the job takes on a laser is dependent on the type of materials and the thickness of the materials being cut. Price Break Estimations*. *Please note: these are only estimations and do not include material, labor costs, or setup fees.

  • Calculating Linear Feet to Saw Cut | MrExcel Message Board

    Im trying to find a formula or way to enter dimensions of trenches (rectangles) or squares that we bid to concrete saw cut. then calculate how much linear footage there is to saw cut. Example: 20' x 1' trench saw cut into 2' x 1' pieces. (that's cutting perimeter and making cross cuts every 1') or 25' x 25' area cut into 2' x 1' pieces.

  • How do you charge for plasma time? - Practical Machinist

    Mar 23, 2016 · cad time*hourly rate + ((Pierce time + cut time) / part * hourly rate)*1.15 + minimum handling charge = out the door price for labor I add 15% for jogs, tip changes, etc. Minimum handling is the amount of time it takes me to load the sheet, setup the torch, etc, which can range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on what I'm loading.