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  • Why do you need a plasma cutter to cut stainless steel?

    When cutting stainless steel, some people believe nitrogen produces slightly less oxidation, as it is drier than compressed air. For cutting thinner materials in the field, contractors involved with HVAC, sign making and maintenance often select a plasma cutter like the Spectrum 125C because of its built-in air compressor.

  • Welding Calculator, Tools & Resources | ESAB Welding & Cutting

    Tools. and. Resources. Put ESAB expertise in the hands of your staff. Search our extensive knowledge database for product information or for answers to common questions, interactive cost saving tools like our welding calculator, educational materials, training programs, valuable links, and more.

  • Understanding CNC Plasma Cutting Cut Speed, Cost Per Foot and HAZ

    Important considerations for use of the plasma process. Cut Speed. Often measured in inches per minute, this is the speed the torch travels at during the cutting process. Plasma is typically the fastest process for cutting the common material types. Cost Per Foot. Cost per foot cut is a common tool used for calculating the cost of a cut part.

  • Cut Cost Calculation - DiVA portal

    cut edge, and the drag angle of the sensations depends on the relationship between traverse speed and cutting power. As the cutting speed increases for a given cutting power, the angle of the sensations will increase until through thickness cutting is no longer achieved. The cutting power depends on water pressure and abrasive feed rate.

  • G-Wizard CNC Speeds and Feeds Calculator for Beginners ...

    Speeds and Feeds Charts: Obsolete. Throw away those old speeds and feeds charts and pdfs. Let’s admit it–they were confusing and hard to use anyway. G-Wizard’s cutting physics engine considers nearly 60 variables. No chart will ever do that! Beyond that, G-Wizard’s defaults are conservative.

  • Plasma Arc Cutting - Process and Equipment Considerations - TWI

    The temperature of the plasma is in excess of 20 000°C and the velocity can approach the speed of sound. When used for cutting, the plasma gas flow is increased so that the deeply penetrating plasma jet cuts through the material and molten material is removed in the efflux plasma.

  • Machining Calculators - Cutting Speed and Spindle Speed

    Machining Calculators - Cutting Speed and Spindle Speed Machining Calculators should be used to calculate what speeds you should be machining your parts at, by taking the material, tool and tool material into account. correctly setting up your tooling and material allows you to maximise machining quality, as well as product quality.

  • Sheet Metal Cutting - CustomPart.Net

    Plasma cutting uses a focused stream of ionized gas, or plasma, to cut through sheet metal. The plasma flows at extremely high temperatures and high velocity and is directed toward the cutting location by a nozzle. When the plasma contacts the surface below, the metal melts into a molten state.

  • How to calculate plasma cutting cost per inch?

    Now multiply the linear inches cut x the cut cost per inch listed above 40.82 x .0528 = $2.16 cutting cost. 5. Add your selling price per part from 3 above to your cutting cost per part from

  • Calculate Plasma Cost - LinuxCNC

    2. Cutting costs...I find with my Hypertherm air plasma (decent consumable life) that I can profitably cut steel with a cost per inch price that is 75% of my per square inch selling price for a particular piece of metal. So my plasma cutting charge per inch of cut on the above 3/16" steel is .75 x 7 (cents or 5.25 cents per linear inch of cut. 3.

  • HyperTherm Cut Speeds -

    It showed speeds of 4800mm/min instead of 5250! right in the ballpark where my tests showed best cut quality. So for others that might have problems with finecut consumables, make sure you have the correct manual. Its actually quite mad how crazy fast hypertherm cut charts are.

  • MACHINe TORCH SeTUP - Plasma Automation

    105 A Shielded cutting (Mild Steel) Air flow rate - slpm/scfh Hot 217 / 460 Cold 250 / 530 Metric Material Thickness Torch-to-Work Distance Initial Pierce Height Pierce Delay Time Best Quality Settings Production Settings Cut Speed Voltage Cut Speed Voltage mm mm mm % seconds (mm/min) Volts (mm/min) Volts 6 3.2 6.4 200 0.5 4140 144 5090 145 8 0 ...

  • Plasma Cutting vs. Flame Cutting vs. Waterjet Cutting

    Jul 15, 2020 · Plasma cutting. Much like flame cutting, plasma cutting is a thermal process, but instead of using oxygen and fuel to create a flame, plasma cutting uses an electrical arc to ionize and heat gas that in turn produces plasma to cut the material. During cutting, the workpiece is set as part of the electrical circuit by use of a grounding clamp.

  • How to calculate the cost of a plasma disk?

    Or you can do the math and figure per hole, and the outside cut of the disk is 11 x 3.14 = 34.54 linear inches. linear inches. Now multiply the linear inches cut x the cut cost per inch listed above 40.82 x .0528 = $2.16 cutting cost. 5. Add your selling price per part from 3 above to your cutting cost per part from

  • Laser Cutting Thickness & Speed Chart | MachineMfg

    Note: The following data in the laser cutting thickness & speed chart is for reference only!. Different fiber optics, material quality, gases, optical lenses, cutting patterns, etc., will affect the cutting speed and need to be adjusted according to site conditions;


    You can label the x columns with paint or powder, bare steel ect. With a little tracking in the beginning you can come up with a very accurate way to quote pieces. I have seen many people try and quote based on time it takes to cut and number of pierces ect. But all of these rely on doing all the artwork prior to being able to quote.

  • Torchmate CAD/CAM | Torchmate

    Torchmate 4000 Series Plasma Table - 4x4, 4x8, and 5x10 CNC Plasma Cutting Tables. These industry leading plasma tables are the premier option in their class. These unitized systems are designed and built by Lincoln Electric and include everything you need to start cutting.

  • Laser Comparison - Cutting Speed and Rate of Feed | JMTUSA

    Mar 06, 2015 · Chart 3. The final piece of the puzzle for laser processing is the cutting speed. Approximately 80% of the time while the program is running the laser is cutting, this is the majority of the processing time. The cutting capabilities of the laser is directly proportional to the beam quality and beam waste of the laser.

  • G-Wizard CNC Speeds and Feeds Calculator for Milling Machines ...

    Speeds and Feeds Calculator: It took years, we analyzed data from over 250 tooling catalogs, we built a powerful cutting physics engine with advanced algorithms that consider almost 60 different variables, we added AI Machine Learning algorithms, and we worked with over 100,000 CNC’ers like yourself to make sure you’d have

  • Machining Feeds and Speeds Calculator - Engineers Edge ...

    This calculator will determine speeds and feed rates for machining operations on mill or lathes. Cutting speeds are usually given in feet or meters per minute and these speeds must be converted to spindle speeds, in revolutions per minute, to operate the machine.

  • Optimizing Plasma Cutting Quality Guide + Amperage Charts

    Low cost automated plasma cutting systems are configured with single gas torches designed to cut all metal types using shop compressed air. Prices for automated air plasma cutting systems range between $3,500 (40 amp) and $10,000 (125 amp). Please note that these prices are for a plasma cutting power supply and torch – not a complete CNC ...

  • Plasma cutter Speed cutting - CNCzone

    the speed is on the manual of plasma cutter.. go to and look at the manual and it will show the suggested speed for cutting specific thickness material if you havent purchased plasma cutter i suggest you to get hypertherm..

  • Cost Calculation - Plasma Cutting | Power Supply | Gases

    For example, a 200 A oxygen plasma system consumes 70 ft3/hr of oxygen when cutting. To find the cost of operation multiply the consumption rates of plasma gas by the arc-on time and cost of the gas. The same system may use 300 ft3/hr of shield air.

  • What does a sever cut rating mean on a plasma cutter?

    Sever Cut. A sever cut rating means the operator is pushing the machine to its maximum thickness capabilities (1-1/4 in. for a 55-amp unit). Cutting speeds will be very, very slow and the cut will require significant clean-up. Fortunately, cutting speeds increase as the material gets thinner.

  • Gearhead uses plasma technology, software to restore hot rods ...

    6 hours ago · One of the tools McDaniel collected is a CNC plasma table. Less than a year ago, he purchased a 4-ft. by 8-ft. PVD multiplatform CNC table built by OEM JD Squared that features a Hypertherm Powermax65 plasma power supply and machine torch. He primarily cuts metal between 10 ga. and 1/2 in. thick with this system. Cutting with Confidence