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  • John Deere 970 Compact Utility Tractor - farm & garden - by ...

    1991 John Deere 970 Compact Utility Tractor 33hp, 30 PTO hp, 2020lb 3-pt lift, MFWD (4x4), unknown hours, 80 Series Loader 3 range, 4 Speed manual transmission 72" Bucket with weld on chain hooks,...

  • Welding on tractor - Tractor Talk Forum - Yesterday's Tractors

    Aug 06, 2017 · Ford say don't weld on theirs period,unless you unhook the batteries, Remove the ECM, Unhook all the wiring connections at he body control module,disconnect the ABS module and remove the dash assembly completely from the truck. Dodge and GM don't go quite that far but you better know what to unhook and where to hook the ground.

  • Opinions on how to weld this crack on my ... - Green Tractor Talk

    Definitely drill a small hole in this area. You could probably get by with an 1/8 inch bit as small as the crack appears. 1/4 inch may be ok as well. Weld a scab plate on bottom and when your done you can weld on top and cover the crack and hole. Grind and paint to suit.

  • Where to buy weld on wheel loops? - Tractor Talk Forum ...

    Feb 07, 2014 · I know not to weld with the tire mounted. The tires and tubs that are on the tractor now are going in the garbage. Have new tires and tubes to mount up but was going to wait until warm weather. Now that I have to repair the wheel I guess I will mount them a little sooner. I quick glanced at gemplers and didn't see them. I will have to look again.

  • What kind of welder to use on a tractor?

    Just know that you don’t need to blow $2000 to stick metal tractor bucket hooks on your equipment. For first-time welders, a cheap wire fed flux core welder is likely the best place to start.

  • Lawn Tractors | Riding Lawn Mowers | John Deere US

    John Deere Lawn Tractor. Your yard is more than a place to mow. That's why our lawn tractors are built to tackle any job on your turf. With attachments for every season, you can mulch, haul, bag, plow, and more. Because enjoying your lawn should be a year-round activity.

  • How to Disconnect the Reverse Safety Switch on a John Deere ...

    John Deere manufactures a number of riding lawnmowers or tractors that are factory-equipped with a few safety devices. Among these is a switch on the underside of the mower's seat that prevents the operator from shifting the mower into reverse when the cutting blades are spinning.


    Dec 28, 2020 · Fortunately, my original plan was to convert a John Deere 214 “GARDEN” tractor to electric. But I received a gift of the TORO just as the project was starting and it was obvious to me that converting the TORO to electric would be a piece of cake as this electric motor was a near direct replacement for the gas engine.

  • Mower Deck Compatibility | Lawn Tractors and ... - John Deere US

    Lawn Mower and Deck Compatibility. A deep-deck mower design lifts grass for a clean, even cut. Designed with superior airflow for unmatched cut quality and uniform discharge even in difficult mowing conditions. Allows for better grass dispersion and quality of cut at faster ground speeds. Wider and higher discharge opening provides even ...

  • Attachments for any size John Deere Tractor

    The Attachments we offer are engineered to fit your John Deere Tractors 3 point hitch or Front End Loader - yes we have John Deere Style Loader Hitch attachments too! You get an equal or better quality attachment for your tractor, without paying the huge markup from buying the brand name "John Deere" at the dealership.

  • Testimonials - BoltOnHooks LLC

    I originally had a set that I was just going to weld on my 1025R John Deere, but in my opinion these are better served for the smaller sub-compact tractors as the buckets aren’t quite as strong & can flex a little more than on bigger units.

  • Yesterday's Tractors - Product Review: JB Weld

    Spending $20,000 on a perfectly restored rare antique tractor may not jive with doing a epoxy weld. Use it correctly and appropriately and it will rank highly as an important weapon in your arsenal for keeping a tractor working.

  • John Deere Lawn Tractor Hood Repair - Polyvance

    Step 1 As you can see, this John Deere lawn tractor hood was cracked all the way down the length of the hood. The plan is to remove the tape residue, align the crack, and tape it together temporarily, then weld the backside. Step 2

  • JD 4500 with cracked case | Tractor Forum

    Welcome to Tractor Forum TrackTor3! Sorry to hear of the problems you are encountering. Can you post some pictures of the casing where it is broken? The case of the 4000 series tractors is unfortunately made of aluminum. Is it the actual transmission casing or the axle case? Below is a picture of a John Deere 4300 axle rockshaft mount that failed.

  • How does Ken's weld on hooks work on a tractor?

    They will purchase a hook much like these: Ken’s Weld On Hooks Then, they simply weld them directly to the bucket. For most sub-compact utility tractor owners, this is not feasible for a couple of reasons. First, we are not typically equipped with the tools or skills to do the welding.

  • Wrangling With Rims -

    Feb 29, 2016 · For a true restoration, most people who buy a tractor that once rode on steel prefer to go back to steel wheels. Fortunately, both Nielsen Spoke and Wheel Repair and 
 Detwiler Tractor Parts can handle the request.

  • Welding on Hydraulic Cylinder OK without disassembly ...

    John Deere 3720 CAB/TLB, JD455 Seals are easy, just lube them up with some hydraulic fluid to help them slide in. I have also used some brass shim sheet material wrapped around the seal to help the lip get past the groove for the clip.

  • What do you use to weld lawn tractor Hood?

    To get the best weld, you need to weld to un-oxidized plastic. We used a rotary tool with with a carbide cutting wheel to remove this crusty, oxidized surface.

  • Ken's Bolt On Hooks - Tractor Time With Tim

    Nov 07, 2016 · Purchased a used 47SB (snow blower) and new front “quick-hitch” from a distant John Deere dealer. That could have gone smoother. Not ordering up all the right parts was a pain in the butt. Made everything take longer than necessary. However, my local dealer came to the rescue and made it all right.

  • Can a tractor hook be welded to a bucket?

    Then, they simply weld them directly to the bucket. For most sub-compact utility tractor owners, this is not feasible for a couple of reasons. First, we are not typically equipped with the tools or skills to do the welding. Second, the buckets on our loaders are too thin/weak to handle a direct-welded hook.

  • STX 46 Front End Worn - John Deere Tractor Forum - GTtalk

    Apr 27, 2017 · STX 46 Front End Worn - posted in John Deere Tractor Forum: My neighbor gave me an STX 46 (back sticker) with a STX 38 hood. She gave it to me because she had a hard time steering so she bought a zero-turn. Brought it home, cleaned the carbs and runs like a champ. However, I looked at the front end and the Front tires are leaning so far that they are resting against the assembly. John Deere in ...

  • Backhoe Thumb Excavator Bolt On Universal Claw Tractor ...

    2. Weld On: So had a welder come out and weld it in place. It was already bolted where I needed it and I knew it worked, so he welded it right where it was. Then I took the bolts out. You can see where he welded it across the top and sides of each side bracket.

  • Titan Attachments Universal Skid Steer Quick Tach ...

    DIMENSIONS: This plate has an overall width of 49.75" with the back plates measuring at 12" W x 22" H. The whole attachment weighs approximately 149 lbs. and has a weight capacity of 3,500 lbs. Its the perfect size to add to your tractors bucket. This plate features a large flat welding surface, so you can easily hook it up to your tractor.

  • Re: installing weld on hubs - PULLOFF.COM

    I am getting ready to weld some hubs on my john deere 4230 and was wandering if anyone has ever done this with the final drives on the tractor? or do the final drives need to be taken apart to do this? does heating the axle to 200 or 300 degrees hurt the inner seal if left together as a unit? can a

  • Brake shoe relining - John Deere Tractor Forum - GTtalk

    Mar 21, 2019 · On the Bolens EK10 I got going yesterday I found I had no brakes. Not even enough to stop the pulley from turning to shift gears. It is a single curved pad that presses against a hub on the back side of the pulley. Quick fix was black tape and built the brake pulley up about 1/4". Enough brake to be able to shift gears.

  • Dealing With Spline Rear Axle Hubs - The #1 Magazine for John ...

    Mar 22, 2019 · After you have dealt with John Deere’s rack and pinion axles but then go back to work with a splined axle, you can appreciate the advancement in engineering with the rack and pinion axles. Don’t get me wrong here—the rack and pinion axle set-up can also give you quite an experience if they have never been moved in the past 30 years or so.

  • TORO Lawn / Garden Tractor Conversion to Electric | RVB Precision

    Jun 05, 2020 · The 1″ shaft is similar to the shaft on most Lawn and Garden Tractor engines. This motor is perfect for an engine replacement on a Lawn and Garden tractor when converting the tractor to electric propulsion. No motor control is necessary for an engine-swap, but you will need to add a Contactor, Fuse, and 48 VDC batteries.

  • How to Weld on Tractor Bucket Hooks for Additional Utility ...

    Feb 09, 2021 · Additionally, I made two notches in the back to accommodate the John Deere “quick tach” plates. Since this is an old re-purposed chunk of steel, there are some random holes drilled in it. I welded them up before clamping the C channel to the bucket.