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  • What is a laser cutter machine?

    A Laser cutter is a machine that uses a laser to cut materials. The Laser Cutter works by making the laser enter through the side of the material that needs to be cut and shoots it through the axis of the beam. If a cut needs to be made and there are no edges near it, a small piercing is done before the cut.

  • What is laser cutting fabric?

    Laser cutting is a method of manufacturing that (surprise, surprise) uses a laser to cut materials. All of the advantages -โ€“ extreme accuracy, clean cuts and sealed fabric edges to prevent fraying -โ€“ make this method of design very popular in the fashion industry.

  • Fabric Cutting Machine - Integrated Laser S

    A dual head laser machine can not only used for cutting fabric but it can always be used for engraving figures, decorations, letters and images among others. This means that if you are a designer, you will be in a better place to offer the best designs on the market if you use a Laser Fabric cutting machines than when using the traditional methods.

  • What is cutting fabric?

    Fabric Cutting in Garment Manufacturing. Cutting is the process which cut out the pattern pieces from specified fabric for making garments.Using the markers made from graded patterns and in accordance with the issue plan, fabrics are cut to prepare garment assembly. This is the major operation of the cutting room,...

  • The Affordable Laser Cutter You Can Keep At Home โ€“ Darkly Labs

    LaserBlade less bulky machine. Darkly Labs have created easy to use, portable, home laser and engraver. Laser cutting technology uses high powered lasers to cut through any flat sheet material giving fine finish. Seems like something that can only be done in industry. A product like LazerBlade sitting on your desk can be helpful and time saving.